This NFT Meme Doge Is Worth More Than RM1.6 Billion, You Can Have It Too!

 The original Doge meme is now one of the most expensive non-fungible tokens (NFT) to date after its owner ‘broke’ it into 16,969,696,969 token pieces on the platform. is a special NFT trading platform that has been solved or more accurately referred to as fractionalized.

The NFT fraction is now being auctioned as a DOG token on the latest SushiSwap, MISO and protocols starting yesterday local time.

This means, everyone is able to own the NFT through the ownership of a DOG token. At the time of writing, one unit of DOG is trading at $ 0.024.

The owner, PleasrDao still remains the original owner as they own the majority of the ownership of the NFT.

The auction involved only 20% of the supply, which is 3.4 billion DOGs out of the total, 16.9 billion.

Meanwhile, an excess of 25% of DOG tokens is allocated to DOG community programs and future developments.

Based on the current value of DOG, the NFT has reached a value as high as $ 407.3 million (RM1.6 billion). Previously in June 2021, it sold for only $ 4 million.

For the record, the original owner of the photo was known as Atsuko Sato and his dog was named Kabosu, a breed of Shiba Inu.

Last month, another Kabosu NFT titled ‘Feisty Doge NFT’ saw its value jump to $ 110 million after being ‘broken’, becoming one of the world’s most expensive NFT works.

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