September 2, 2021

Twitter's 'Tip Jar' Will Support Bitcoin (BTC) Tips!

 Notice or not, earlier this year Twitter introduced its latest feature, ‘Tip Jar’ which allows its users to donate money to the content creators they follow.

Recently, the social media platform was reported to be launching tipping in Bitcoin (BTC).

This is the latest development after CEO Jack Dorsey announced Twitter’s integration with Bitcoin last July.

Tip Jar was initially introduced by Alessandro Paluzzi and this figure also revealed the plans that Twitter is working on through his tweet yesterday: "Twitter is working on a function to accept tips in Bitcoin."

#Twitter is working on the ability to receive tips in #Bitcoin 👀

- Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) September 1, 2021

Twitter will use the Strike service for Bitcoin invoicing through technical innovations that create fast payments at lower costs for Bitcoin transactions, Lightning Network.

Strike is one of the custodial wallets, much like the Blue Wallet and the Wallet of Satoshi. This means, users need to link their account with Strike to receive BTC tips.

This news was also confirmed by the head of Twitter products, Kayvon Beykpour at midnight last night.

However, they have not revealed when this function will be fully launched for Twitter users.

For now, Tip Jar also supports several services such as PayPal, Patreon, Venmo, Bandcamp, and Cash App.