October 27, 2021

Adobe Introduces NFT Authentication Feature In Photoshop Applications

 Adobe has partnered with several non-fungible token (NFT) markets including OpenSea, KnownOrigin, Rarible, and SuperRare in an effort to introduce the Content Credentials feature.

The presence of this new function is intended to ensure the authenticity of the digital content of its users. Photoshop, Behance, and Stock are among the apps that will initially receive this feature.

This means, NFT creators can link Adobe IDs with crypto wallets, including social media information into token metadata before their work is listed onto those platforms.

Adobe's efforts will to some extent help address fraud, misinformation issues with the presence of attribution and content authenticity.

It is also part of an initiative that has been active for the past two years, known as the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI).

The program is led by Adobe and consists of the BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft Corporation, and Nikor ADR as experts.

Indirectly, these organizations are also impressed by the presence of the Content Credentials function.