October 1, 2021

America Survives 'Government Shutdown'

 The President of the United States (US), Joe Biden signed a temporary funding bill (stopgap funding) that will support the government to stay running until 3 December.

It was made after the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate approved the bill early Thursday morning.

The bill also includes $ 28.6 billion in funding to support recovery from natural disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires and more, as well as an allocation of $ 6.3 billion to help Afghan refugees residing in the U.S..

Earlier, Senate Republicans had blocked the Biden administration's efforts to raise the debt ceiling to continue supporting funding to the government and this has raised concerns over a government shutdown.

If a government shutdown occurs, it could lead to federal employee unrest and delays in certain services.

The delay in funding may pose certain obstacles in U.S. efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak even though the Biden administration says the closure will not significantly affect public health functions.