October 15, 2021

Inflation Worrying! This Billionaire Chooses To Invest In Bitcoin!

 Many parties have come forward to warn if they want to invest in crypto because the price is very volatile. The nature of crypto like this requires investors to be more careful and some others choose not to plunge into the crypto market.

However, American millionaire Barry Sternlicht still chooses to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while at the same time acknowledging the fact. Barry Sternlicht, co -founder of investment fund Starwood Capital Group argues that bitcoin is a financial instrument that can address the issue of currency printing rapidly.

Unlike fiat money, crypto assets have a maximum supply limit of 21 million. Barry Sternlicht chose this as an alternative to dealing with inflation.

Barry Sternlicht is not the only millionaire to take the same step. Some well -known names include politicians so that investors and celebrities have also started to plunge into the crypto market. One of the most famous names from the traditional financial industry who initiated the idea of ​​buying BTC to protect against rising inflation was Paul Tudor Jones III.

Additionally, Dallas Mavericks millionaire investors and owners Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have announced their crypto holdings in the market. Their main holdings are Bitcoin and ETH.

As of September for annual counts, CPI Inflation had grown to 5.39% from 5.25% achieved in August.