October 12, 2021

Not Enough With Trade Agreement Issues, UK Faces Other Problems!

 The UK is not only entangled in problems in the Northern Ireland protocol, but also faces issues on fisheries rights with other European Union (EU) member states.

Most recently, fourteen EU member states are preparing to issue a joint declaration claiming Britain is at risk of substantial economic and social damage to their fishing communities.

Citing a report by The Guardian, member states such as France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, will ask the UK to act in full compliance with the rules it signed last year.

Britain has previously aroused the anger of the French government over a reduction in the number of licenses granted to owners of small vessels fishing in coastal waters.

As a sign of solidarity, member states agreed to threaten Britain which is likely to impact future EU-UK fisheries talks if the UK does not change its stance.

This development comes at a critical time in EU -UK relations, as European Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič prepares to put forward new proposals to resolve regulatory issues in the Northern Ireland protocol.