October 7, 2021

Ripple Welcomes Latest Project, This Time With Qatar's Largest Bank!

 Ripple has partnered with Qatar National Bank (QNB) to improve cross -border payments and launch the latest remittance platform.

It is rumored that QNB will test RippleNet with QNB Finansbank in Turkey as one of the group launch efforts.

Through the collaboration, the use of RippleNet can be utilized for the improvement of cross -border payments, including expanding the cross -border payments sector to other countries.

Not only that, they also plan to further expand the Ripple solution to new remittance corners in the future.

This collaboration indirectly enables direct payments for the convenience of QNB clients.

Despite facing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following the issue of the sale of non -securities assets since December 2019, Ripple is not afraid to expand the use of its products through partnerships with other entities.

Last month, the crypto firm reportedly joined Bhutan in testing the central bank’s digital currency (CBDC) using the Private Ledger solution.

For the record, QNB is the largest financial institution in East Asia and Africa. QNB also has affiliates operating in more than 30 countries.