October 29, 2021

Squid Game (SQUID) Sparks Crypto Investors' Excitement, Prices Soar Over 1,000%!

 The drama series from South Korea, Squid Game has sparked a worldwide phenomenon, not to mention boosting the country’s stock overnight.

Most recently, the Squid Game (SQUID) cryptocurrency has entered the crypto market with a trading record at the time of this writing, $ 2.76 with a jump of 1,102.73% in 24 hours.

It is said that during the pre-sale of SQUID on October 20, this token sold out in 1 second!

WARNING! Before you continue reading this article, it is encouraged to be careful and not to make hasty investments as CoinMarketCap reports there are some issues where SQUID investors cannot sell these tokens on PancakeSwap.

Not sure where the mistake is but based on a white paper on the official website, the token is controlled with anti-dumping technology, preventing the sale of coins if the conditions imposed are not met.

Trivia Squid Game (SQUID)

SQUID is a special token of the Squid Game project-a crypto-based play-to-earn concept game.

The launch of the game is expected to take place in November 2021, starting with a special Beta version for 500 players only before being fully launched to the public.

The loaded game resembles the game introduced in the drama series.

However, it is not so much at the expense of the player's life. Just entertainment.

Participation in this game is unlimited in number, open to anyone and there is no reward limit at the end of the match.

To participate in each game offered, players have to pay it in SQUID tokens. Starting at 456 SQUID up to 15,000 SQUID.

The maximum total supply of SQUID is 800,000,000.

The Squid Game platform also offers Marbles Pools where investors can earn tokens by staking.

Anyway, readers are encouraged to be wary of the rogue applications and malware Squid Game. For the record, Google Play has received over 200 applications related to the drama series.

Most recently, Google Play has removed one of the applications that contains malware, Squid Wallpaper 4K HD after being downloaded 5,000 times.