October 1, 2021

This Time TikTok Launches NFT Collection!

 TikTok advanced again into the crypto industry with the launch of its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection today.

The collection dubbed TikTok Top Moments was developed in collaboration with content creators, celebrities, and online entities such as Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, and Grimes.

TikTok Top Moments will feature the six most popular TikTok videos in NFT format on a one-of-one basis and will be auctioned along with several limited edition NFTs throughout October.

It is rumored that the proceeds from the sale will be channeled directly to NFT content creators and artists.

While the rest will be handed over to the sales management of the NFT set, Immutable X and the marketing manager of the TikTok Top Moments collection, Museum of the Moving Image.

This means, TikTok will not receive any results from the efforts put forward.

The auction of the NFT collection by TikTok will take place on October 6, starting with Lil Nas X and followed by several other artists.

However, these videos will begin screening at the Museum of the Moving Image today until October 5th.