November 5, 2021

Apple Allows Customers To Premises Without Face Covers

 Apple Inc. will remove the rules for wearing face masks for customers at most of its retail premises in the United States (US) starting Friday following reports of a drop in cases of Covid-19 infection according to a Bloomberg report.

The move will be followed by more than 100 companies covering 270 premises across the US with most stores gradually adjusting to the situation.

The implementation of this measure is seen to be made to maximize the sales rate of Apple products even though the economy still faces the risk of viral infection.

However, the iPhone maker did not provide further comments.

Previously, most major technology companies including Facebook Inc, Google and Microsoft Corp. were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak which resulted in a decline in sales rates as well as company revenue.

However, in order to remain resilient, the company needs to absorb the pressure and present measures that are appropriate to the current situation before the company can return to a stable move again.