November 23, 2021

Apple & Amazon Sued In Italy

 Bitter taste of spaghetti and pizza this time.

Italian antitrust authorities have sued U.S. tech giants and Apple Inc totaling more than 200 million Euros or US $ 225 million over allegations of anti-competitive cooperation in the sale of Apple and Beats products.

In a contract agreement in 2018 between the companies saw only selected resellers were allowed to sell Apple and Beats products on and also stated they had violated European Union rules.

Amazon was sued for 68.7 million Euros while Apple was sued for 134.5 million Euros and ordered to end restrictions to give genuine Apple and Beats retailers access to without discrimination.

Apple has already denied all allegations and appealed against the lawsuit by stating they work closely with their resellers in addition to having a dedicated team of experts around the world who work with law enforcement, customs and merchants to ensure only genuine Apple products are sold.

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