November 24, 2021

Apple Wants to sue Israel!

 Be strong! Apple also became anti-Israel.

Apple Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Israeli cyber firm NSO Group as well as its parent company OSY Technologies over allegations of surveillance and targeting of U.S. users with its spy software, Pegasus.

The iPhone maker also imposed a ban (Ban) on NSO Group from using any Apple software, services or devices to prevent any misuse.

The NSO has created a hacking tool, Pegasus, which according to the watchdog group targets human rights workers and journalists.

Earlier this month, U.S. officials blacklisted the firm. Apple joined Microsoft Corp., Meta Platform Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Cisco System Inc. in filing lawsuits as well as criticizing NSOs.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California, Apple stated the NSO had used the tool in a ‘concerted effort in 2021 to target and attack Apple customers’ and ‘U.S. citizens had been monitored by NSO spy software on mobile devices that could and across international borders'.

Apple also claimed that the NSO had created more than 100 fake Apple IDs in the attack even though the server was not hacked but the NSO had abused and manipulated the server in the attack.

In addition, Apple also claimed that the NSO was directly involved in providing consulting services for the attack.

So far, Apple states there is still no evidence of NSO tools being used in Apple devices running iOS 15.

Meanwhile, Apple also said it will donate $ 10 million as well as any damages obtained in the lawsuit to cyber surveillance research groups including Citizen Lab, the University of Toronto group that first discovered the NSO attack.