November 26, 2021

Because The Sandbox (SAND), Request Network (REQ) ‘Jumps’ Almost 400% A Day

 Anything that has to do with The Sandbox, will definitely see incredible profits.

In the latest development, Request Finance welcomed The Sandbox as a partner earlier this week.

The Sandbox will leverage financial management applications, Request Invoicing for crypto-fiat invoice management, payroll payments, and bookkeeping functions or known as financial transaction records.

In addition, The Sandbox also uses Request Invoicing to coordinate payments in its native token, SAND.

Request Finance offers invoice management features in a fast and cheap time and this is why The Sandbox CEO, Sebastien Borget chose this platform:

“Request is easier and you can pay all invoices at the same time. It's faster and helps us reduce the payment period by up to 90% every month. ”

No wonder why the price of Request Network’s native token, REQ recorded a positive spike after a flat movement since August 2021.

Yesterday REQ jumped 386% from a daily low price level, $ 0.2 to an all -time high (ATH), $ 0.98. However at the time of writing, the asset was down 11.31% in 24 hours, trading at $ 0.69.

While SAND also posted a remarkable jump, touching ATH, $ 8.5 yesterday before slipping to $ 7.16 at the time of this writing.