November 4, 2021

Covid-19 Back Attacks China!

 China has struggled with a recent surge in Covid-19 cases to the point of forcing the country to implement tighter sanctions to curb widespread transmission.

Most recently, the National Health Commission confirmed on Wednesday a total of 93 new local symptomatic cases had been detected, up from 54 cases the day before. It is also the highest daily number since August 9th.

Beijing, meanwhile, reported 9 cases of local infection, the largest daily increase recorded in the capital this year.

Although it is seen as less alarming than the infection rate in Malaysia which is larger than China, but the zero tolerance policy in the country has resulted in tighter restrictions being implemented.

What is even more worrying is that this surge comes ahead of a grand conference that will bring together more than 300 top -level members of the Chinese Communist Party next week in Beijing.

Following that, Beijing authorities issued a warning to residents to avoid leaving the city, postponing weddings and funerals as well as reducing non -essential gatherings.

Reductions in travel activity were also implemented, causing some airlines in China to offer free cancellations for flights to and from the Covid-19-hit city.