November 16, 2021

Crypto Will Be The Future Of The Video Game World!

 A survey conducted by software firm-Stratis revealed that 58% of American and British video game developers have adopted blockchain technology in their operations. 47% of that number have integrated NFT crypto in their games.

The survey was based on a sample of studies that included 197 video game developers in the United States and the UK. Aside from the fact that the video game industry has been using blockchain and NFT technologies, also pleasing to the crypto community is that they are considering continuing the use of blockchain and NFT for their next projects. 56% were found to have the intention to do so next year.

Most interestingly, when asked about whether they believe blockchain technology will become prevalent in video games in the next 24 months, 64% of them said yes.

According to 61% of video game developers, blockchain enables innovative and more exciting games. 55% think it can add value to players because they can get rewarded in the game and even keep it. Finally 46% of video game developers ’interest in blockchain is focused on the trending Play-to-Earn business model.

According to Jean-Philippe Vergne, Associate Professor at the UCL School of Management, “Blockchain has begun to become a core building block for online gaming. What it offers is that players can now acquire crypto assets while playing and trading digital goods in video games.

The main idea of ​​Play-to-Earn is to reward players for putting their time and effort into the game. By participating in a particular game, players create value for other players in the ecosystem and developers. Where they receive rewards in crypto assets.

Some of the most famous examples of such games are Axie Infinity, Decentraland and The Sandbox.