November 15, 2021

Elon Musk Not Challenged, Will Tesla Shares Be Sold Again?

 Boy abstinence challenged!

Elon Musk offered to sell more of his Tesla shares after a United States (US) Senator demanded millionaires to pay their taxes ‘fairly’.

Most recently, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on his personal Twitter page has voiced his views by asking overly wealthy millionaires to pay their taxes at a fair rate.

The tweet was issued by him in the wake of Washington's efforts to impose taxes on millionaires to fund President Joe Biden's stimulus package and cover up loopholes that allow them to defer capital gains taxes indefinitely.

Musk has given a cynical response to the tweet by saying he often forgets Sanders is still alive.

Earlier, Musk had sold a total of US $ 6.9 billion worth of shares on November 12 after he broke his promise to sell 10% of Tesla's shares as a result of an agreement from a poll conducted on Twitter.

Tesla shares plunged slightly after Musk sold its holding shares as reported on Friday.

The feud between Musk and Sanders erupted when Musk wrote on his personal Twitter page that directly mentioning Sander’s name in a cynical tone asking if Sanders wanted him to sell more of his stake, Sanders only had to say.