November 9, 2021

FamilyMart 's New Plant To Be Completed In The First Quarter Of 2022

 FamilyMart's latest plant with a total investment of about RM100 million will be completed by the first quarter of 2022 which will allow the convenience store operator to supply more stock to its retail stores.

The new plant will be located near the existing plant in Shah Alam, Selangor.

QL Resources is the main franchisee of the FamilyMart convenience store in Malaysia with the ‘Food Superstore’ concept store opening its first store in Sri Petaling and Bandar Puteri Puchong.

QL Resources Bhd Executive Director, Chia Lik Khai said the opening of the new plant would create more employment opportunities for Malaysians as it required a large group of workers to operate besides promising to only hire locals as its employees.

He added that the company plans to open up to 20 upgraded stores by the end of 2021 and plans to open 80 to 200 new stores annually depending on market conditions.

To date, FamilyMart has opened more than 250 stores worldwide and has created employment opportunities of around 8 to 10 employees for each store opened depending on the size of the store.

On the increase in commodity prices around the world, Chia said FamilyMart was also not spared from supply chain disruptions but the company would try its best to reduce the situation in the short term and did not plan to raise the price of its products.

He continued, however, if prices continue to rise, they will have to adjust in the long run.