November 16, 2021

Hackers Hack World Supply Chain!

 Oh no, Ransomeware warning!

The world’s supply chain is now a prime target of cybercriminals attacking the shipping industry and this issue is becoming increasingly troubling.

According to a report released by Intel 471, a provider of enemy intelligence services and malware software, there has been an increase in cases of ransomware attacks on the shipping industry over the year.

This worsens the situation of shipping companies that are ready to struggle with problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cybersecurity crisis in one of these logistics and shipping companies can have a negative impact on the world's consumer economy.

He added that they found some network brokers selling credentials or access in other forms against shipping and logistics companies to cyber criminals.

The targeted companies are responsible for moving billions of dollars worth of goods around the world such as transportation firms in the United States (US), Japanese container shipping firms and logic firms in the United Kingdom, Singapore and the US operating through air, land and maritime cargo transportation.

According to Intel 471 again, the identified culprits ranged from newcomers to network access manufacturer brokers who obtained such credentials from weak remote access solution systems including Remote Desktop Protocol, Citrix and SonicWall.

Since early 2020, ransomeware attacks on shipping and logistics companies have been on the rise with reports stating there is an increase of 62% of cases worldwide each year.

The minimum amount paid for reported incidents increased by 311% in 2019 or more than US $ 350 million.