How to trade GBP/USD on November 16? Simple tips for beginners. Indistinct movement from the pound


 The GBP/USD pair continued to correct against the downward trend on Monday, November 15, which is supported by the trendline, which is supported by the downtrend line. Thus, tomorrow the price can work out the trend line and either bounce off it or overcome it. A price rebound from the trend line can be regarded as a rather strong sell signal. And breaking this line is like a buy signal. At the same time, we would like to draw the attention of newcomers to the fact that Monday's movements were very weak and that the strangest thing is that the euro/dollar pair showed much stronger volatility than the pound/dollar pair. The US currency rose in price against the euro, but fell in price against the pound. This is a very rare occurrence, especially with an empty calendar of macroeconomic events. In fairness, it should be noted that today the heads of the ECB and the Bank of England Christine Lagarde and Andrew Bailey made speeches. However, neither the first nor the second made statements that could provoke a strong movement in the pair. Actually, the pound/dollar pair did not show any movement today, and the euro/dollar pair began to fall in the evening, when Lagarde's speech ended.

On the 5-minute timeframe, there were a lot of trading signals on Monday, and this is very bad, since the pair was trading mostly sideways for most of the day. This means that a large number of false signals could be generated. This is what happened in practice. All signals were formed around the levels of 1.3415-1.3424, and after the first two signals, one should have stopped trading and never entered the market. The first sell signal turned out to be so weak that the price after its formation did not go down a single point and immediately began to move upward, breaking through the 1.3415-1.3424 area in a few hours. Therefore, the short position should have been manually closed and opened long positions, although it was already clear at that time that the likelihood of a flat was high. Nevertheless, novice traders could open short positions, which could only earn a few points of profit. And they could be closed at any time, since below the area of 1.3415-1.3424 the price could no longer leave and, naturally, did not reach the nearest target and did not go up 40 points. On the very first deal, a loss of 20 points was received.

How to trade on Tuesday:

At this time, the downward trend continues on the 30-minute timeframe. Now we need to understand whether the pair will be able to overcome the downtrend line. If yes, then the upward movement will continue, if not, then the downward movement will resume. On the 5-minute timeframe, the important levels are 1.3304, 1.3363, 1.3415-1.3424, 1.3470, 1.3517. We recommend trading on them on Tuesday. The price can bounce off them or overcome them. As before, we set Take Profit at a distance of 40-50 points. At the 5M TF, you can use all the nearest levels as targets, but then you need to take profit, taking into account the strength of the movement. When passing 20 points in the right direction, we recommend setting Stop Loss to breakeven. Unemployment and wages report will be published in the UK on November 16, but novice traders should pay more attention to the report on retail sales in the US. Although the morning reports can also provoke a slight market reaction.