November 13, 2021

Miami An Example of a Cryptocurrency? Mayor Ready to Distribute BTC to Miami Residents!

 Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami is committed to making his city the dream home of the crypto community. In the latest development, he announced that he is working on a program to provide free Bitcoin to Miami residents.

In one of the interviews, Suarez explained that he was looking for a way to distribute a portion of the Miami Coin proceeds to Miami residents.

Miami Coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to boost urban development by funding strategic projects. At the same time, the administrative and political aspects are managed directly by the city of Miami.

So far, Suarez claims to have managed to raise about $ 21 million from the sale of Miami Coin tokens. Many among the buyers, buying Miami Coin is expecting rewards such as receiving certain benefits associated with their investment.

Recent developments show that Suarez not only wants to distribute a portion of the token returns to Miami Coin holders but also to a wider group by giving Bitcoin wallets to everyone in Miami and giving some crypto value in BTC as passive income.

"We will create digital wallets for our residents, and we will give them Bitcoin directly from MiamiCoin revenue." - Francis Suarez.

If El-Salvador dares to take the bold step of making BTC a legitimate tender then Miami on the other hand is trying to make it a crypto city.