November 25, 2021

More Firms From Malaysia Face Allegations Of Forced Labor Issues

 Alamak, how is Malaysia?

Dyson, a British firm known for its high -tech vacuum manufacturing, has terminated its relationship with ATA IMS Bhd after an audit found that there were forced labor practices by the Malaysian company.

According to Dyson, they conducted an audit of working conditions at the ATA earlier this year and the results were released on October 4th.

He added that they made allegations of unacceptable actions by ATA staff and immediately asked international law firms to conduct further investigations.

Citing Dyson’s comments, they have terminated his relationship with a 6 -month contract notice.

The ATA, which is tasked with making spare parts for Dyson's vacuums and air purifiers, has not yet commented on the issue.

According to the ATA, Dyson has contributed nearly 80% of its revenue.

The ATA last May denied allegations of forced labor at its plant after a leading human rights activist said U.S. authorities would scrutinize the company's work practices.