November 24, 2021

Pokémon GO Creator Launches AR Game Find Bitcoin (BTC)!

 If previously we saw the presence of a virtual game of catching pet monsters via Pokémon GO, this time Niantic Labs introduced the game of collecting Bitcoin (BTC).

For real?

The Fold AR gaming experience is offered to all Fold app users through reward collecting entertainment in Bitcoin.

It was developed through a collaboration between Niantic Labs and Bitcoin rewards app company, Fold.

Players have the opportunity to collect Bitcoin in microscopic quantities (the smallest quantity of a BTC unit), will also receive the opportunity to make spins which will offer more Bitcoin.

More or less like Pokémon GO but this time the Bitcoin GO version.

Interestingly, players will be directly involved in the Bitcoin search adventure through the experience of mediated reality technology or known as augmented reality (AR).

Players will also likely be confronted with a real collection inside Fold AR, thus giving them a privilege over other players.

Not only that, they have the opportunity to increase profits, including benefits such as permanent reward increases.

The initial launch of Fold AR took place on November 23rd with access to a small number of users for the beta experience. Access for a large number of users will occur after that date.