November 13, 2021

‘Solana (SOL) Not To Kill Ethereum (ETH)’ - Founder of Solana

 The crypto community may be excited to see the performance of Solana (SOL) which is said to be capable of ‘killing’ Ethereum (ETH) in the future.

But Solana co -founder Raj Gokal refuted the allegations by explaining their project was not intended to wipe out Ethereum, and even if Solana managed to overcome Ethereum, it would be quite impossible to do so.

The statement came after Placeholder co -founder Chris Burniske posted a negatively mixed tweet on Wednesday:

Despite pretty words, L1 knives are fully out.

In #crypto, generally, people want their biggest bags to win. This will influence almost all communications, so don't take what you see and hear as truth.

Everyone, including me, is b (i) ased.

- Chris Burniske (@cburniske) November 9, 2021

Clearly Gokal, the use of ‘knives out’ shows the developers of a layer-one-based crypto project among themselves trying to kill Ethereum.

“Knives out” implies we are trying to kill ethereum. ethereum cannot be killed, it’s impossible. and it’s already a beautiful force of good in the world, empowering millions and creating billions in wealth. bitcoin is quite obviously the same.

stop framing it as a fight

- Raj Gokal (@rajgokal) November 10, 2021

Probably because of that, Gokal took the first step to curb any negative elements that should not exist in the crypto sector as he claimed: “There should be no hostility. Those who work in this sector are responsible for introducing Web 3.0 to every user. ”

Commonly known layer-one projects besides Solana include Ripple, Terra, Tezos, and Theta Network.

Solana's performance throughout 2021 can be said to be very remarkable:

A total of 2.2 million non-fungible tokens (NFT) were mined at Solana in just 3 months.

A total of $ 15 billion of total locked in value (TVL) has been recorded in Solana -based DeFi.

A total of $ 100 million is allocated for

Brave integration with Web3.

$ 100 million investment from Reddit for social media, $ 40 million from Neon Labs for the implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) infrastructure.

NFT launch by pplpleasr in Solana.

Establishment of NFT integration by FTX