November 25, 2021

Stripe Payment Giant Will Make A 'Comeback' In The Crypto Industry!

 Three years after terminating Bitcoin payment services, the software and payments giant, Stripe has finally announced that they have finally decided to make a ‘comeback’ in the crypto market.

At a fintech festival in Abu Dhabi, John Collison who is the CEO of Stripe stated that he and his company are likely to re -empower crypto asset payment services. While he failed to provide a definitive answer, Collison said the firm did not rule out such a possibility.

So far, Stripe has not yet allowed crypto payments. On that basis, Collision stated, ‘it is not impossible for them to repeat it as they did before.

Stripe, a financial services company based in San Francisco, US, and Dublin, Ireland has decided to stop supporting bitcoin payment services in 2018. At the time, the company stated that BTC was too volatile.

But now, Bitcoin has shown a drastic development that is driving a lot of demand for this asset class. According to him, crypto has given different meanings to various people. However, he stated that he did not want to be involved in the aspect of speculative investors but was interested in using crypto assets as a payment medium.

Founded in 2009, Stripe has recorded revenue of over $ 7 billion (as of 2020), and the company’s total value is nearly $ 100 billion. To this day, it is still a privately owned company.