November 23, 2021

‘Vaccine Or Die’-This Is A German Warning As Covid-19 Gets More Terrorist

 The German Health Minister has issued a stern warning to call on citizens to get vaccinated amid an increasingly alarming Covid-19 resurgence.

Speaking at a press conference in Berlin on Monday, Jens Spahn said that by the end of this winter, everyone in Germany should be vaccinated or die if they refuse.

Germany which is now hit by the fourth wave of coronavirus has seen a sharp increase in cases of infection resulting in the capacity to accommodate patients in most hospitals full.

Infection rates in Germany are at their highest levels since the pandemic began, and health experts have warned that the wave this time around may be the worst. A total of 45,326 new cases were reported in a 24 -hour period, making it among the highest in the world.

It is also one of the countries with the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe, with only 68% of the population being fully vaccinated.

Tighter restrictions will be implemented which will see unvaccinated citizens excluded in certain places and some famous Christmas markets have been canceled.

Spahn says although he opposes the issue of mandating vaccines, it is a moral obligation to get an injection because it can affect others.

“Freedom means taking responsibility, and it’s a duty for society to get vaccinated,” Spahn said.