November 26, 2021

Will 2022 Be the Era of the Metaverse? This Grayscale Prediction Makes the Market Excited!

 Today Grayscale has released the findings of their study on the development of the Metaverse in mass currents. In general Metavers has lately managed to overcome the ‘hype’ of NFT in the season of the BTC price surge as more ‘mainstream’ projects aim to enter the world of virtual reality in the near future.

Grayscale research reports have estimated that the number of Metaverse users has increased by 10x in half a year. The report also predicts that if the Metaverse virtual world continues to grow at current rates, it could become a trillion -dollar industry by next year. The chart below shows the number of Metaverse wallets that have soared to their highest level in the last quarter of 2021.



The report also details how Metaverse has become popular in the entertainment and real estate industries even though it is still in its infancy. Metaverse is expected to be the key to Web 3.0 as Facebook has done in handling Web 2.0.

Mobile Internet Web 2.0 has changed the way where, when and how people use the internet. Web 3.0 is seen to be able to take this potential to the next level. The Web 3.0 -based economy is already a trillion -dollar industry in revenue, which is certainly one of the main reasons organizations like Facebook are doing overhaul through new branding.

Some Metaverse tokens have soared to new highs of all time and appear immune from declining at a steady rate. Decentraland (MANA) is one of the most popular metaverse tokens that has gained traction from many celebrities and also saw the sale of virtual property worth $ 2.45 million recently.