November 16, 2021

XRP Issue: Messari Reveals Ripple Is Really Guilty?

 There is new news about Ripple Labs, this time from Messari.

Its CEO, Ryan Selkis has shared his opinion regarding Ripple's status which for him is clearly guilty of the fraud committed and should be prosecuted accordingly.

But Selkis did not deny Ripple guilt over the charges filed by the United States (US) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Through a Twitter thread, the figure explained Ripple had misled XRP investors in relation to insider token sale activity, and touted the dumping of cooperation to the point of driving up asset prices.

Not only that, Selkis also revealed that the SEC deliberately did not highlight Safe Harbor introduced by its officer, Hester Peirce.

The use of Safe Harbor in this investigation will launch a solution to the issue of fraud as alleged by Selkis.

How is Safe Harbor able to solve this complexity?

Third parties should provide sufficient information to verify previous transaction records.

Transaction records should also cover the entire activity including discounts offered to partners.

All XRP sales owned by Ripple’s top officials were scrutinized, including its related organizations.

Ripple was also given three years to devise a decentralization strategy and token distribution.

For the record, Messari from the beginning criticized Ripple and considered XRP as ‘toxic waste’. Even its founders once published a report alleging against Ripple that it used a charity organization, RippleWorks to evade tax payments.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $ 1.12, down nearly 8% in 24 hours.