China And USA Want Space War Because Of Elon Musk!

 The Star Wars movie will be this reality, Elon Skywalker vs China Deathstar.

Chinese people have criticized the satellite belonging to Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, following the Chinese government's dissatisfaction with having to move their space station to avoid a collision.

According to a report sent by the Chinese government to the UN space agency, a satellite from Starlink Internet Servies owned by aerospace company SpaceX Musk nearly struck the Chinese -owned space station twice on July 1 and October 21.

So far, SpaceX has not given any further statement.

Meanwhile, through tweets on Weibo, which is also considered Twitter in China, users labeled Starlink satellites as 'garbage' and 'American space warfare weapons'.

There are more than 30,000 satellites in space orbit and scientists are urging governments to share data to reduce the risk of space collisions.

SpaceX has launched nearly 1,900 satellites to serve its Starlink broadband network.

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