December 27, 2021

Data Report World Economy Reaches $ 100 Trillion In 2022

 Next year is an important year in ensuring the stability of the world economy.

The Center for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), a British consulting agency, expects world economic output to surpass $ 100 trillion next year in addition to predicting the United States will remain ahead of China as the world's No.1 economy.

According to Douglas McWilliams, deputy chairman of Cerb, the biggest issue for next year is how the world economy is coping with inflation with the current inflation rate of 6.8% and if it fails, the effects will be felt in 2023 or 2024 due to the recession.

The agency also stated a forecast that China may become the world's No.1 economy by 2030 in terms of dollars, thus canceling the forecast made last year in the World Economic League Table report.

He added that India is seen to overtake France next year and then Britain in 2023 to reach the 6th place in the world economic power.

Germany is also seen to overtake Japan in terms of economic output by 2023 while Russia is predicted to be the top 10 economies by 2036 and Indonesia is expected to reach 9th place in 2034.