December 29, 2021

Dogecoin Co -Founder Makes Disclosure, Here's His Latest Holding Amount And Role!

 Recently, Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus revealed the Dogecoin assets he already owns. He added that, at present, he already owns about 220,000 DOGEs worth about $ 42,000.

Markus revealed the number in his tweet while explaining his current role in the Dogecoin project. He stressed that he did not speak as someone who had ever been in the Dogecoin project or yet only as a member of the community.

Even so that doesn't mean he doesn't support Dogecoin, he said:

“I will defend those who are involved in the project that is actively making this project better. I will also give criticism to those who should be reprimanded ".

Markus takes a more relaxed and very different stance from his partner Jackson Palmer, who has repeatedly shown disgust towards Dogecoin and the crypto market. Last July, he noted that the crypto market had been tainted with capitalism whereby it further enriched already wealthy individuals while allowing them to escape taxes.

Dogecoin distribution is indeed very concentrated in a few wealthy holders even compared to other crypto assets like Bitcoin. Based on the disclosure of numbers from Mark, it can be said that he does not belong to this group. At the same time his holdings give less of a handle to influence the market.

Following a recent Twitter debate sparked by Block CEO Jack Dorsey, Markus added that he doesn’t have any big ambitions. He is more inclined to develop something worthwhile, generate money and enjoy it.

Elon Musk on the other hand still reiterates his pro-Doge views, saying he remains pro-Doge for the same reason.