December 28, 2021

Metaverse Token: SAND, MANA Whales Chase Ethereum!

 Ethereum whales started chasing metaverse tokens.

In the latest partnership from WhaleStats, Ethereum whales (ETH) interest is more towards SAND tokens that are synonymous with the virtual world of The Sandbox.

The proof is, SAND became the most traded asset by 1,000 major wallets, surpassing the volume of trades recorded by Chainlink (LINK) in 24 hours.

JUST IN: $ SAND had flipped $ LINK to be most traded token among the top 1000 ETH wallets 👏👏

1000 biggest ETH whales are now holding $ 237,478,480 $ SAND 🐳🐳

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- WhaleStats - the top 1000 Ethereum richlist (@WhaleStats) December 26, 2021

WhaleStats also revealed there was one Ethereum whale had made a purchase of 635,585 SANDs, valued at $ 4,385,536 when the transaction was made.

Indirectly, ETH's 1,000 major wallets now have a large amount of SAND worth $ 237,478,480.

Meanwhile, the Decentraland (MANA) token saw a record purchase of 30,168 MANAs, leading to a cumulative value, $ 94,912.

For the record, these two metaverse tokens began to get attention following Facebook’s renaming to Meta.

The news managed to bring the market value of Decentraland to $ 10.5 billion, while The Sandbox recorded a value of $ 7.5 billion.

At the time of writing, MANA is trading at $ 3.59, down over 8% in 24 hours and SAND is worth $ 6.21, down over 6% over the same period.