December 30, 2021

SpaceX Owned by Elon Musk Raises Funds Up to $ 337 Million For What?

 Pergh, want to make a new rocket?

Elon Musk's billionaire rocket company, SpaceX, has raised US $ 337.4 million in equity funding.

According to sources from CNBC, SpaceX had hit US $ 100 billion in valuation of the proceeds of the sale of secondary shares in October and raised as much as US $ 1.16 billion in equity financing in April.

The public knows the rocket launch competition into space is intensifying with former Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos launching the Blue Origin rocket and billionaire Richard Branson launching the Virgin Galactic commercial rocket.

Sources from Morgan Stanley once said the space economy may be worth US $ 1 trillion by 2040 and Musk said the SpaceX rocket, Starship will land on Mars before 2030.

So far, SpaceX has launched many cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station for the National Auronautics Space Administration (NASA).

Meanwhile, Musk's satellite has been criticized in China for almost causing a collision.

Want to know about the rocket war between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos? In the past, people wanted to colonize the country, but these 2 billionaires colonized space! Who wins a bit?