These are the 5 Most Crypto Countries! (Part III)

 Continue with the 5 countries that have an impact on crypto:

El Salvador

Its president, Nayib Bukele is very well known as a figure who supports cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin (BTC).

The country has made BTC a valid tender by mid -2021.


Mayor Francis Suarez is very focused on a cryptocurrency -based economy.

Miami is the only state in the United States (US) to initiate a payroll initiative in BTC.

Suarez’s efforts succeeded in attracting several crypto entities to set foot there.


China rocked the crypto industry after banning the trade of crypto assets this year.

To make matters worse, crypto mining was also banned, forcing miners to move abroad.

Just because of this one country, the price of Bitcoin becomes very unstable. That's right people say, don't think that calm water doesn't have crocodiles.

Washington, D.C.

In addition to China, Washington is also capable of shaking up the crypto market.

This year the SEC put very strong pressure on crypto assets through stricter legislative proposals.

In addition to facing the Ripple issue, the SEC has also challenged Coinbase with a lawsuit.

San Francisco

The three largest crypto platforms such as Kraken, OKCoin, Robinhood, and Coinbase are based here.

The Bay Area is home to an internet search company: Google, and a decentralized one: Brave.

Andreessen Horrowitz, the biggest crypto fundraiser who has always been in the crypto arena, is in Menlo Park.

This state in the US can be considered the center of the blockchain.

These are the 15 countries that have had a huge impact on the crypto market. Especially Washington and Beijing-too much crypto market drama because of them.

I guess there is no plot twist in 2022?

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