December 28, 2021

Where is the Gold Price Towards the End of the 2021 Trade?

 The gold -priced metal remained above the $ 1,800 per ounce price level on Tuesday amid the uncertainty that gripped the market ahead of the close of 2021 trading.

The market is seen to be more cautious in placing positions this week, seeing yellow metal trading continue to hover around the same price.

In the Asian session, spot gold traded steady at around $ 1,809, slightly down from the one -week high it reached in the previous session at $ 1,813 per ounce.

Gold futures traded positive at $ 1,810 an ounce.

Reports of the Omicron variant being said to be less serious than the Delta have to some extent brought relief to market concerns.

However, the highly contagious variant has also led to a sharp spike in Covid-19 cases worldwide, thus raising doubts about its impact on the global economic recovery.

Due to this uncertainty and the risk of high price volatility ahead of the close of year -end trading, investors are limiting their positions.