December 30, 2021

Why Buy NFT, Can I Get Money?

 Don't be surprised by the many advantages of NFT.

In Malaysia, the hype about NFT is growing when an influencer who is famous for making short videos of cooking recipes has expressed his desire to venture into the world of NFT.

Four goals for 2022:

- Get halal certificate for sambal and make sure our factory is 70% automated

- Launch a second product (3rd quarter onwards)

- Travel abroad and create more content

- Get into Crypto, NFT and Metaverse. I hope it's not too late to learn 🥲

- Khairulaming (@khairulaming) December 6, 2021

However, many do not know how owning this NFT can give them any advantages or benefits.

So this article will explain a little about the advantages of having NFT.

a) Able to maintain ownership and authenticity of NFT

The NFT technology that is on the blockchain network allows the original artist and creator to retain ownership of their rights as well as its originality and the buyer will get the privilege of the NFT owned when their name will be displayed as the rightful owner.

b) Able to resell NFT at a higher price

Usually NFT will be made in limited quantity so it will increase the demand higher and will totally make its value soar so it is one of the attractive and potentially huge investment opportunities.

c) Able to ensure the safety of the NFT purchased

The NFT that is made cannot be deleted, destroyed or taken out of the blockchain so the NFT survives any destruction due to disasters such as fire, flood and loss due to lack of physical form.

d) Get access to the community

NFT owners have the opportunity to gain more access to limited edition products than those who do not have this token.

e) Can generate income by playing games

The evolution of the blockchain has created gaming applications that allow players to generate income from rewards received in the form of tokens and converted into physical money.