December 30, 2021

Why Have Big Branded Companies Started 'Joining' NFT?

 You know, now many big global branded companies have joined the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT)?

As previously reported by by us, among the big brands involved in this market are Nike, Adidas, Instagram and McDonald’s.

Not only that, but companies like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Pringles have also produced their own NFTs.

But, what makes them ‘dare’ to spend millions of money to invest in this NFT product?

The Increasingly ‘Hype’ NFT

2021 saw the start to NFT growth before 2022 which is said to be a craze.

The use of NFT is seen to be more widespread as the use of mobile phones in the past which it has become a necessity for every individual nowadays. These companies will certainly not miss the opportunity to follow the current circulation.

Ancillary Income of Large Firms

NFT is seen as one of the new opportunities for these companies to earn side income.

The closest example can be seen is Nike which has joined NFT with ownership of RTFKT, a virtual footwear company to expand its brand in the metaverse.

The Digital World Is Seen As The Future

Just as the internet was once the ‘future’, so too are the views of these branded companies who see the digital world as the future.

This encourages such companies to spend big to take advantage of the benefits of marketing their brands in the virtual world, the metaverse.

Starting from this, it is not impossible if more big brand companies will join the world of NFT so as not to miss the opportunity.