January 3, 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) ‘Sad’ At The Beginning Of The New Year, Some Altcoins Are Also Disappointing!

 The beginning of the new year 2022 saw a relatively modest movement of the crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC).

At the time of writing, the asset is trading at $ 47,126.13, down 0.62% in 24 hours.

However, BTC’s performance for the week was even more disappointing with a nearly 10% decline from the daily high of $ 52,047.77 on December 27, 2021.

Meanwhile for the first three days of 2022, BTC has slipped more than 2% from its daily high, $ 47,976 recorded on January 1st.

This unfavorable state of Bitcoin also has an impact on some altcoins, for example:

Solana (SOL): down over 2%, trading at $ 173.98

Avalanche (AVAX): down over 2%, traded at $ 112.65

Terra (LUNA): down over 1%, trading at $ 90.13

Cardano (ADA): down over 0.1%, trading at $ 1.35

Polygon (MATIC): down over 1%, traded at $ 2.51

Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) posted a price increase of over 1% trading at $ 3,796.13, followed by XRP rising 0.75%, trading at $ 0.85.

Based on Bitcoin’s performance today, is it possible that its price will rise to $ 220,000 in 2022 as predicted by podcaster Max Keizer?

What about your predictions regarding Bitcoin’s performance this year?

Anyway happy new year 2022. Start this new year with a better crypto investment resolve than the previous year.