January 11, 2022

Internet Re -Access In Kazakhstan Still Not Enough For Bitcoin (BTC)?

 The unrest in Kazakhstan is still raging with rising death toll but internet access is already activated.

However as the second largest crypto hub, internet access in the country is very limited not enough to accommodate crypto mining.

For the record, violent anti -government protests in Kazakhstan have forced nationwide internet access to be shut down.

As of yesterday, internet access was almost completely open to the public but according to the director of internet monitoring, NetBlocks, Isik Mater, "it is still not enough for crypto mining activities".

Kazakhstan internet restoration still not enough for crypto miners, NetBlocks says

The demonstrations in Kazakhstan that began last week actually stemmed from people’s dissatisfaction with rising fuel costs and the economic recession. At the same time this incident is the worst in decades after Kazakhstan's independence.

Disabled internet access resulted in a sharp drop in hashrates.

At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $ 41,902.38, down more than 9% since last week but still up 0.33% in 24 hours. The altcoins market also lamented the lackluster performance.