January 4, 2022

Samsung Plunges Into The World Of NFT, TV Sets Will Come With Special Features!

 As we all know, knowing 2021 marks a huge acceptance of the world of NFT in various walks of life. Where 2021 has seen impressive growth for non-fungible tokens (NFT) by becoming one of the most popular search terms this year.

The sharp increase in search traffic for NFT shows a clear indication that digital collections have entered mainstream consciousness. According to Cointelegraph, a huge increase in demand for NFT has been seen in almost all aspects.

Recently, in addition to Nike and Adidas, Samsung, an electronics giant, announced that they will integrate a new "NFT aggregation platform" on its smart TVs starting this year.

This latest announcement outlines some of the updates that Samsung plans to incorporate in the new smart TV series. The upcoming NFT aggregation platform, comes with several features that will allow customers to view their digital collections. It is available in microled Samsung, Neo Qled, and frame models.

At the same time, Samsung is also presenting a feature that allows users to purchase NFTS directly from the TV set.

As the name suggests, it will aggregate data from several markets and display information such as its designers and the blockchain network it uses. As such, the giant is aiming to be the first electronics company to put NFTS into TV sets.

With the presence of Samsung, the NFT market will be growing rapidly. Plus, businessmen, artists and even politicians have seized opportunities in the world of NFT.