Tesla already receiving dogecoin (doge)?

 Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, Tesla is making payment of payment in DOGECOIN (DOOGE) as an alternative to Fiat.

The testing has taken place over the past three days and confirmed through the presence of 'dogecoin' in the official website of Tesla.

In fact, software engineers @ / tree_of_alpha have shared this good news with its followers on the Twitter page.

Breaking: The Backend for Tesla $ DOGE PAYMENTS IS NOW ACTIVE. Everyone Can See It On The Following Link That Was Generated After Clicking To Purchase With Doge.https: //t.co/03vxwg6jv pic.twitter.com/sicxyuuc8z

- Tree of Alpha (@tree_of_alpha) January 13, 2022

However, the feature is quite limited. Not all users and visitors can access payments using DOGECoin.

Perhaps the access is only for certain individuals, especially among staff and technical officers of Tesla.

Tree_of_Alpha also shares the payment view using DOOGE.

Not sure when the official Tesla received the doge but the latest news was quite exciting!

Shoose Doge recorded a surge of over 28% since January 11, from $ 0.142 to $ 0.182 today. Doge need an increase of 78% to reach the highest value of all time (ATH), $ 0.74 recorded on 8 May 2021.

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