Moderna Will Give Periodic Injections, Fearing The Threat Of New Variants In The Future


 Moderna Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stephane Bancel noted the possibility that 1 in 5 new variants of Covid-19 will trigger more dangerous harm than the existing variant.

When interviewed at a company event on the details and advances of RNA vaccines, Bancel said the elderly and the immune system may need annual booster doses to provide protection from virulence -like chains to Omicron.

In addition, Moderna is said to be in the process of convincing investors of the company’s long-term growth prospects, especially as new cases involving Covid decline in the wake of the winter that affected Omicron’s spread.

However, subvariants of BA.2 Omicron will continue to exist, in turn leading to concerns about the resurgence and emergence of much more dangerous new viral chains.

According to Bancel, there is an 80% chance that new variants in the future can be treated with the capabilities of existing vaccines, but there is a 20% chance that the new variants are more violent than existing ones.

Meanwhile, Moderna has signed a US $ 21 billion vaccine sales agreement in 2022, up from $ 19 billion announced in February, and is in talks for additional orders in 2022 and 2023 with countries around the world.

On Thursday, Moderna was applying for the release of the Covid vaccine to children under 6 years of age.

In that interview again, Moderna noted that data from his first mid -stage trial of the influenza vaccine showed it was safe and generated an immune response.

It is understood Moderna is studying a combination of influenza and Covid vaccines, and plans to start testing in humans this year.