This is Biden's statement following the NATO Summit


 US President Joe Biden was speaking at a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday after meeting with other NATO world leaders, the Council of Europe and the G7.

Among the issues Biden touched on were on NATO unity, the prospects for the use of chemical weapons by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the possibility of China’s involvement in the conflict.

Citing a CNN report, here are some answers from President Biden to answer questions posed by reporters:

NATO: Biden said that this was the first time they were united and what Putin was able to do was exactly the opposite of what he wanted as a result of attacking Ukraine.

Chemical Weapons: Biden said that they would respond if Russia used chemical weapons in the Ukrainian invasion.

China: He had a conversation with President Xi Jinping last week on the topic. Biden said he was not threatening the leader, but made it clear Xi Jinping knew the consequences if he helped Russia.

Food Shortages: Biden acknowledges the possibility that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could trigger global food shortages. He said that the issue had been discussed by world leaders, and noted food shortages would ensue.

Refugees: The president expressed his hope to visit Ukrainian refugees while in Europe.

Restrictions: Biden says that restrictions never prevent. However, efforts to increase pressure on Putin could cause him to stop his actions.

G20: He believes Russia should be removed from the G20.