Has XRP Won the Case Against the SEC?


 The price movement of Ripple's cryptocurrency, XRP, which surged by 30%, signals even more clearly that after the XRP lawsuit is settled, it will benefit the entire crypto ecosystem in a big way.

The final judgment of the Ripple vs SEC case will reach its decision on December 9th where third parties can file their motions, while December 22nd is the deadline for opposition to this motion.

Recently, the SEC and Ripple filed summary judgment motions for the lawsuit so stakeholders in the crypto industry can take a closer look.

Next, the outcome of the lawsuit is also expected to clarify whether XRP can be considered safe or not.

In this context, influencer Ben Armstrong thinks that such digital assets are not only unsafe but will also affect the crypto ecosystem.

Amid speculation that the decision would favor XRP, the price of the altcoin surged rapidly.

The proof is that the price of XRP increased by 5.46% which is at the level of $0.4922 in the last 24 hours and if the judgment of the XRP court claim is in favor of Ripple, the price of altcoin has the opportunity to increase drastically.