Others Are Shaking, But Hong Kong Company Is Unafraid To Invest $500 Million In Crypto

 C Capital, the company founded by Hong Kong billionaire Adrian Cheng aims to raise $500 million to invest in digital currency, credit and private equity until 2023.

While other firms are more cautious and cautious, the company thinks that exploring the cryptocurrency market now is the right time because the market is declining.

According to the company's Chief Executive Officer and President, Nen Cheng stated that 'crypto winter' has begun to loosen its grip, and this makes new investments to yield good results.

For context, C Capital has invested $1 billion in digital assets and credits and 60 businesses over the past few months while the company's hedge fund is for crypto trading.

It is understood that the prolonged bearish market in 2022 not only took away investors' interest in cryptocurrencies, but also that most of the leading companies stayed away from the digital asset.

However, some investors are confident that the price of cryptocurrencies will increase including profit after this cycle ends.

In the meantime, Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management believes that the next rise in the crypto market will occur in 2024.

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