Apple Continues to be Tied to Qualcomm, Homemade Chips Explode!


 'Son, I don't want to, I have to agree otherwise there will be no iPhone 15.'

iPhone maker Apple Inc has to rely on chip maker Qualcomm Inc for its products until 2023.

According to sources, Qualcomm plans to supply only 20% of the 5G modem part of next year's iPhone products as Apple is said to be using their own chips.

However, the latest news says that due to the heat problem on Apple-made chips, the company had to rely on the supply of components from Qualcomm for at least until the end of next year.

This was announced by Qualcomm in a statement when updating projections in their next quarterly earnings report.

Since the court settlement in 2019, Apple has agreed to use components from the firm in its products before moving to produce its own chips a year later.

That partnership with Apple has contributed a portion of revenue to the firm, and Qualcomm predicts it will continue to receive that benefit through the iPhone maker's 2025 fiscal year.

In the meantime, Apple has not yet issued any official statement regarding the continued use of components from Qualcomm.

As of this writing Apple shares are down 3.73% at $145.03 while Qualcomm is down 4.12% at $112.50 after the Federal Reserve (Fed) President's hawish comments regarding the prospect of the next interest rate hike.