Apple 'War' With Elon Musk? Twitter Blocked On IOS!


 'Is this good news for Android users?'

Twitter Inc continues to be mired in controversy with the latest news saying Apple is blocking and stopping the social media's advertising on the App Store.

The reason for the blocking is not specified but the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk believes it is because of Apple's content moderation practice.

Apple's practice is not something new, even other applications such as Parler, popular among conservative members of the United States, have also been blocked for failing to comply with content moderation rules.

An angry Musk wrote a tweet tagging executive Tim Cook and questioned whether Apple did so because they hated the right to free speech.

Neither Apple nor Cook has been seen to respond to the tweet for now.

Like to be reminded that Musk's $44 billion acquisition of Twitter has changed the dynamics of the company with the billionaire insisting on making the bluebird app the primary medium of free speech rights.

But Musk's idea seemed to eat itself when Apple blocked Twitter, causing a loss of $131,600 in advertising investment made between November 10 and 16.

Apple was previously Twitter's largest advertising platform in the first quarter of 2022, costing $48 million with a revenue return of more than 4% over the period.

In the meantime, Musk was also seen 'ready to go to war' with Apple when he questioned the 30% fee charged by the iPhone company to software developers in the App Store.

The amount of the fee has sparked criticism and lawsuits against Apple before after a case involving Epic Games' Fornite attracted the attention of global regulators.