Auction Auction! The Sandbox Wants to Sell Land!


 Metaverse game based on Ethereum (ETH), The Sandbox is about to sign an agreement with popular brands such as Playboy, Tony Hawk and Snoop Dog to hold a three-part LAND sale this Thursday.

In context, Sandbox is a game like Roblox or Minecraft, but Sandbox focuses more on blockchain technology that allows users to buy non-fungible tokens (NFT) and trade virtual land on OpenSea.

Returning to the original description, the total LAND that will be sold is 1,967, among which 50 estates, 695 ordinary LAND, 134 premium LAND and 19 LAND through the blind ballot system*.

*Each voter writes his choice without revealing the vote to anyone and puts it in a sealed box

Blind ballot is described as giving users the opportunity to own a prestigious LAND, become a neighbor of Paris Hilton or Snoop Dogg and establish their own club near Ciprani.

It was also explained that the users who buy the LAND will be able to create their own unique experience, just like traditional real estate but a little different as LAND is a piece of NFT virtual real estate that forms the building blocks of The Sandbox game.

In the meantime, users must have 1,011 SAND worth $526.43 in their respective blockchain wallets if they wish to participate in the sale, but each user is only allowed to buy one asset.

In general, the first phase LAND sale will take place on November 24 with the theme of California Dreamin while the second phase is titled The Galleria which sees a virtual neighborhood experience built around the fashion, media and hospitality sectors on December 1 and the third sale in early 2023.