Biden breathes a sigh of relief, the Senate remains owned by the Democrats!


 The latest update on the United States mid-term elections saw the Democratic party manage to maintain its dominance in the Senate.

In a fierce competition, Democrats led by President Joe Biden won a majority with a victory of 50 seats compared to 49 won by Republicans in the upper house of the US Congress.

As explained in the previous sharing, the Senate can block or approve the laws voted by the House of Representatives as well as confirm the appointments made by the president.

This in turn gives President Biden the power to fill the federal courts with his nominees and appoint his administration staff as he chooses.

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, the counting of votes is still going on which now sees the Republicans leading with 212 seats out of 218 contested, with the Democrats winning 204 seats.

A string of these, it shows Republicans have a chance to control the House of Representatives which will certainly make it difficult for President Joe Biden to implement his plan.

But at least Biden has won the Senate, right? I think it's okay, both are balanced.