Cointelegraph Finally Launches NFT Collection of Crypto Historical Articles!


 After being delayed for a long time, finally the awaited non-fungible token (NFT) of Cointelegraph Historical was successfully launched after the collection of a waitlist of over 400,000 participants was completed.

The string, the waitlist is allowed to buy the NFT on November 23 while for the general public it will be broadcast live on December 1.

While the first 500 individuals who join the waitlist will get full access to print their favorite Cointelegraph articles as NFTs.

Although the world of crypto or blockchain pays less attention to world history, Cointelegraph boldly takes steps to create NFT related to articles that happen across the country.

Explained in more detail, NFT Cointelegraph Historical allows buyers the opportunity to witness the history of Cointelegraph articles made into digital collectibles for re-trading or owning.

As such, Cointelegraph enthusiasts are already starting to see their NFTs on the Opensea digital market although there are several more such digital collections that have not yet been included.

In addition, NFT Cointelegraph Historical is said to have signed an agreement with Mintmade that awards tokens called "Minting Points" to selected individuals.

It is understood that the token will allow holders to print the NFT for free following the article manufacturing cost price of $20.