Come on! 90% of Elon Musk's Fired Employees Are Indians


 'How racist is this blue bird millionaire?'

Twitter Inc's internal sources revealed that 90% of the company's employees who were fired by the company's new owner, Elon Musk, were Indians.

It is well known that one of the changes brought by Musk as soon as he took office at Twitter was to fire a large number of staff including important executives.

The latest update shows that only 12 of the 200 Indian employees have survived Musk's mass layoffs as he attempts to stabilize the company's growth amid a bleak economic outlook.

The internal source added that the layoffs involving Twitter's engineering and product staff will leave a deep impact on the market's growth potential.

Among the important Indian individuals fired by Musk is the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Parag Agrawal.

So far, Twitter has not given any response regarding the news of the dismissal of a large number of the company's Indian employees.

In the meantime, India plays an important role in the growth of technology companies such as Twitter, Meta Platforms Inc and even Alpahbet Inc when the services of Indian workers in the field of engineering are billed.

In addition, the services of Indian workers in other areas such as marketing, public policy and corporate communications were also reduced due to policy changes introduced by Musk since his official acquisition of $44 billion.

For now, Twitter is understood to have only about 3,700 employees around the world after the mass dismissals carried out by Musk.